Public Relations (PR) & Content Marketing Agency

Our socially savvy team of content marketing and PR pros will have your brand growing like never before. SMS’ clients include well-known Fortune 500 brands, mid-size companies, startups, and entrepreneurs who want to build a personal brand.

When you hire SMS you get a virtual CMO and a marketing/PR team for the price of hiring just one full-time employee.

John White
Hire award-winning CMO and Inc. Magazine Columnist, John White to develop your branding strategy.

Take advantage of our vast media connections to secure placements in top publications and podcasts. Leverage our network of Influencers. SMS has a combined social media following of 1 million social media followers to help get your company’s message out to a wider audience!

Our founder John White has published more than 150 articles for Inc. Magazine. He has been featured in the media by several of the world’s top business publications, and has interviewed some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs.


Ben Walker, CEO, Transcription Outsourcing

“When I first started with John, my company had virtually no social media following and our web traffic was really low. Since working with John, our company’s leads and increased by at least 50%. John has helped me get featured in major media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine and a brand feature by Reuters News Agency.”

Ben Walker, CEO, Transcription Outsourcing. Featured in Forbes

Javier Camara Rica

John led our PR, content marketing, and social media marketing efforts in the USA. He was responsible for numerous media placements in publications like Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and Inc. Magazine. His team helped us acquire an additional 2 million English speaking users on our platform. I highly recommend John to any tech company that needs a PR expert and social media influencer to represent their brand.

Javier Camara, Co-Founder and CEO of beBee, European based social media network w/ 12 million users.

Matt Sweetwood testimonial

“I turned to John White and his team at Social Marketing Solutions for their help growing my business and personal brand. Since connecting with them five years ago (I was their first client) I’ve sold my award-winning photography business of 17 years, been a CEO at a global social media network, and represented some of the world’s most well-known brands. My social media following has grown by over 100k followers, I’ve been on major TV networks, featured in major publications, become a contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, spoken at conferences around the country, and published a best-selling book.”

Matt Sweetwood, Author, Speaker, Former President Unique Photo, Contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Fox News

“John is my go-to guy for all things LinkedIn Publisher! I have pointed to his profile, used his profile in screenshots, referred him and shared his articles with my network. He is simply the best! He is smart, savvy, articulate – and above and beyond that – just a really just a nice, generous guy.”

Viveka von Rosen, Owner LinkedIn to Business, Keynote Speaker, Author, Forbes Most Influential on Social Media

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